Natalie williams

NATALIE WILLIAMS is returning for her fifth season with Modern American Dance Company. Natalie works with many influential guest choreographers, including Jennifer Archibald, Nejla Yatkin, James Gregg, Stephanie Martinez, Joshua Peugh, Christian Denise, Ryan Smith and Wendy Rein directors of RAW Dance, Carl Flink, Gina Patterson, Cecil Slaughter, Kegwin + Co, Ali Duffy, Christina Robson, Joy Davis, and Suzanne Ryan. Natalie performed in St. Louis' festivals Spring to Dance and New Dance Horizons (2016-2019), as well as toured around the Midwest. Natalie set work on MADCO's second company in 2017 and 2018 and main company in 2019. Natalie's choreography has been showcased in Chicago, IL and among many studio dance competitions. She is heavily involved in MADCO's marketing department and social media. Natalie is a graduate of Lindenwood University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance. She is an instructor and choreographer of over 10 years at two local dance studios (Dance Incorporated and Rokita Dance Center). Natalie is passionate about sharing her view of dance as a physical art by conveying a mixture of vulnerability, confidence, fluidity, strength, and human response through movement in her classes, as well as a performer.