Touring Repertoire

MADCO designs repertoire concerts that meet the needs of presenters taking into consideration audience demographics and currently active repertoire. MADCO commissions technically impressive, high quality work from international choreographers providing communities with a diverse range of artistic excellence in dance. We are passionate educators and always encourage pairing performance with opportunities for elementary students, students with disabilities, the retirement community, college students, and corporations.

POINTS OF CONTACT choreographed by Ronen Koresh

Koresh describes his work as “influenced by Middle Eastern culture coupled with American experience.” This dynamic work is intensely entertaining showing off the company’s athleticism and strength. POINTS OF CONTACT is about community, relationships and a sense of self.

DIRT choreographed by Jennifer Archibald

An excerpt from the evening length performance FREEDOM, created by Ailey Choreographic Fellow Jennifer Archibald. Archibald uses her dynamic voice and MADCO’s signature athletic style to explore human rights of indigenous people: their right to have a voice, the right to practice their culture and speak their language, the right to access opportunities, and the right to determine a future they can lead. The power and intensity behind the work makes DIRT an audience favorite.

MOVEMENT ACTIVITIES: RESPONSE! choreographed by Mikey Thomas

Named “Best of the Best” at the Toronto International Fringe Dance Festival. The Toronto Globe and Mail described RESPONSE as “… a piece with flat – out physicality and exacting discipline while never forgetting entertainment value.”

BETWEEN LINES OF… choreographed by Nejla Yatkin

An excerpt from the evening length performance FREEDOM, Yatkin uses original soundscore that includes recordings from Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream”, interviews by MADCO dancers, and musician Art Blakey’s “Moanin” to express the connection between memories from the past, reflections of the present, and dreams of a collective solution for the future. The dancer’s dynamic performance quality puts audiences in the center of the action using vivid imagery and a genuine connection to the work.

SEVEN choreographed by Jennifer Archibald

This work is inspired by and dedicated to Archibald’s childhood hero, World Champion Track Star and St. Louisian Jackie Joyner- Kersee. Complete with interviews from the Olympian and video on the track, this work is both touching and athletic, engaging the audience in an immersive experience.

THE CARPET choreographed by Michael Foley

Foley is an internationally active choreographer, a favorite of both MADCO dancers and audiences. This fantastical piece is based on Foley’s childhood dreams of figures from his family’s Persian rug coming to life. Audiences are “wowed” by the company’s seamless acrobatic partnering that transforms fantasy into reality.

ACCIDENTALLY ON PURPOSE choreographed by Lindsay Hawkins

Features nationally touring a cappella quartet Double Date. The combination of barber shop tunes and excellent dancers makes this work accessible to all audiences. These upbeat harmonies are sure to be stuck in your head long after leaving the theater!

Next Steps...

If you are interested in booking these programs or have questions please contact Company Manager Emilee Morton at or call 314-681-4923.