Nicole Whitesell is the Artistic Director of MADCO (Modern American Dance Company).  Nicole brings 15 years of experience as a professional dancer and her passion for collaboration and arts education to audiences presenters and students.  She also serves as the Artistic Director and Curriculum Coordinator for Rokita Dance Center, as adjunct faculty at Webster University, and as a certified GYROTONIC® instructor. Find her at


Emilee Morton is the Managing Director of MADCO (Modern American Dance Company) and brings degrees in Arts Administration and Dance as well as experience as a professional dancer to brilliantly handle the needs of dance audiences, students, presenters and artists.  She is also a certified Pilates instructor.  Find her at

MADCO Board of Directors

Janet Cole, Board President
Lynne Brandt, Treasurer
Elliot Blevins
Jason Flodder
David Lancaster
Rosalyn Smith
Reena Venkatesan

MADCO Advisory Board

Nancy Berg                                                                                   Angela Rhone                                                                                 Michael Sieveking                                                                           Anne Thomasson                                                                             Dee Townsend                                                                             Cristin Viebranz