Entertain, educate, and collaborate through innovative dance experiences



How MADCO Works


Audiences don't just watch dance, they experience it! MADCO's Artistic team researches topics that impact the St. Louis community. Commissioned choreographers turn this research into movement, shining a light through mainstage performances. 


MADCO is known for fostering an inclusive and nurturing environment where community members grow together.The concert material turns into community outreach. MADCO works with community partners to develop a program that can be replicated for others with similar needs. 


Education that moves the community! Day-long dance education programs are developed for K-5th grade students. These programs reach every student in the school through performance and creative movement classes for all. MADCO works with project collaborators and partnering educators to develop a study guide for day long programming.


What We Do

We exist to enrich lives by enabling discovery and innovation through dance, enhancing lives through quality education and professional preparatory experiences

"My daughter participated in the intermediate dance clinic and she was truly INSPIRED!

We are blessed to have this wonderful venue in our small town."

Jill Saia Pile



"Manor Grove Nursing Home took a group of residents to see MADCO at the Touhill and I can't begin to tell you how great it was! And it wasn't just their fantastic performance (though that is true as well!!) it was their treatment of our folks too. We hadn't tried an outing like one before, and had some trouble with the parking of the bus and quick transfer of residents to wheelchairs and getting into the auditorium, AND THEY WAITED FOR US!! Sometimes at this stage of life, folks feel less important than they once did, and the waiting for us to be in and seated made our residents feel like honored guests....I can't say how much that meant to them and to those of us who love them. Thank you MADCO and Touhill!!!"

Jen McCallon



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