"Once in a while, along comes a program that is above and beyond any expectations you could imagine for a school program. Books in Motion with MADCO is one of those programs." - Flavia Everman, Executive Director of Warren County Fine Arts

Books In Motion

This creative, one of a kind 8 day in school program is targeted to 5th grade students. Books in Motion promotes teachers and artists working together to design a creative and inspiring curriculum that fosters appreciation for the arts, love for reading, and hands - on experiences that are unique to the needs of each school. Students are guided by MADCO's skilled teaching artists and are encouraged to take ownership of their learning. They become the agents in their education by working together with their MADCO teachers to use their ideas in a final production inspired by the Books in Motion book. Students perform for the entire student body, family, and the community alongside MADCO dancers. MADCO can provide schools with a complete study guide including activities, discussion questions, vocabulary, and more. 

For inquiries about books in motion, scheduling or how to help, contact our Artistic Director, Arianna Russ, at artisticdirector@madcodance.com.