Support MADCO's campaign toward a sustainable future.

Join us in preserving the history and legacy of the Modern American Dance Company. With your help, MADCO will survive to 50 years and beyond.

For over 47 years, the Modern American Dance Company (MADCO) has served as an integral organization in the St. Louis community. MADCO is the oldest dance company in the region, and has touched countless lives through innovative dance performances, as well as educational outreach and community programming for underserved populations. MADCO provides a home for over 50 artists to create and collaborate each season. MADCO's educational programming, Books in Motion, touches the lives of over 500 students each year.

After dedicating almost 50 years to community service and action, MADCO needs your help. The past five years have presented several serious challenges, most notably, the loss of our residency at the University of Missouri St. Louis (UMSL), high turnover in leadership members and staff, the loss of regional and nation-wide grant funding, and finally, COVID-19.

MADCO was able to survive these obstacles, but we are now facing the subsequent after-effects.

We hope that the St. Louis community and the dance community at large will rally in support to prevent the closing of our doors. 

We are seeking your help to raise $50,000 this spring by March 31, 2023 during our "Campaign to Sustain." With your contribution, not only will we be able to pay our dancers a living wage, but we will be able to rebuild the foundation required to sustain the company for years to come. Without it, the company's nearly 50 year legacy is at stake. 

Please help us preserve the longest-running dance company of the region, and help us sustain for years to come!

Ways to Support

Here's how you can support the Modern American Dance Company 

Choose a dancer to support through a recurring or one-time donation. Your contribution supports dancers' salary and materials. 

Make a tax deductible donation to support the Modern American Dance Company's mission to entertain, educate, and collaborate through innovative dance experiences.

Choose to become an individual or corporate sponsor of one of our education or performance programs. 

Special Bonus for Donations over $750!!!

(Limited to the first 5 donors at this level)

Make a donation of $750 or more, and we'll send you your voucher for your free hotel stay in one of seven amazing destinations courtesy of Changescape Web!

Donors at this level will be able to choose from:

  • Cancun
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Once a donor makes the $750 or more donation to MADCO during this campaign, we'll contact you to find out which destination you wish to choose so we can send you your hotel certificate.

You'll pay only taxes and fees on the hotel stay, and you'll have  18 months to travel. No timeshare presentation required.

Valued at $970 to $1500 based on the destination

Explore MADCO's Mission to Entertain, Educate and Collaborate through innovative dance experiences


The artists of MADCO

Check out what people had to say about our Fall 2022 performance "Tied Together"

"We saw the show with hundreds of elementary school students. I think it's great that MADCO provides that exposure to the arts, and dance specifically, to young children." - Lilly Tira (Lindenwood University Student)

"I recently had the pleasure of attending “Tied Together” and I was blown away by the precision, artistry, and passion of the dancers. The choreography was innovative and thought-provoking, and the dancers brought it to life with incredible skill and grace. I left the theater feeling inspired and moved."  - Robert Palmer (Audience Member)

"Versatility is a big strength of this company. The partnering and floorwork were especially intriguing." - Taylor Tricroce (Lindenwood University Student)


Educational Programming

See what people have to say about our Books in Motion program!

"Once in a while, along comes a program that is above and beyond any expectations you could imagine for a school program. Books in Motion with MADCO is one of those programs." - Flavia Everman, Executive Director of Warren County Fine Arts

"As a psychotherapist who has worked with children and families for years, I know how important it is for kids to have places to feel good about themselves. MADCO programs offer opportunities for each child to succeed in their own way. Through MADCO, children and adults are engaged in a dialogue that otherwise we often avoid." - Judith Schechtman, M.S.W.

Testimonials from participants of our Dance Movement Program for People with MS

"This class has been a tremendous opportunity to revisit principles taught during dance classes taken pre-diagnosis and thirty-five years ago. Thank you for reminding me that dance allows most any movement and just as we aspire to free ourselves from the restrictions of our disease, we, too, can run as carefree as our minds and spirit allow! I remain ever-grateful and look for­ward to many afternoons taking time to just be me and to move to the world." - Wendy Schneider (Dance Movement Program for People with MS Participant)

"I truly enjoyed the class. I've danced all my life but MS tried taking that out of me. This last week I danced with my son at his wedding. Thank you for preparing me and giving me the confidence again that I can still dance. This opens that world back up to me. Thank you!" - Rose (Dance Movement Program for People with MS Participant)

We urgently need your support!

Please, don't let this cultural icon of St. Louis close down. The Modern American Dance Company entertains, Educates, And Collaborates through Innovative Dance Experiences.

  • School Programs
  • Dance Intensives
  • Classes and Residencies
  • Live Performances
  • Corporate Events and Programs
  • Collaboration with other arts and non-profit organizations

Without your help, we cannot continue service the St. Louis region as we have for the last 47 years --- in fact, we may not be able to continue at all.

Ken Tucker, Board President of the Modern American Dance Company

Your donation and support, however much you can contribute will help us save this magnificent dance company - Thank YOU!

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